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Creative ideas are conceived, executed, and communicated in media. The stories we tell grab people’s attention, make them think, and make them act.

Tv Ads

The most effective and economical form of promotion is television advertising. In a large market, it is essential to research, plan, and book the right television channels.


A strategic approach to account management that allocates resources to the right mix of channels, initiatives, and KPIs in order to achieve topline and bottomline results.

Creative ideas

Our campaigns are tailored to your user segments and value propositions to make them stand out against the competition. To find performance breakthroughs, we conduct data-driven tests every month.


Marketers are constantly sifting through huge amounts of data to figure out what worked in the past and what should work next as they attempt to prove ROI.



Maintaining a consistent voice and image is essential to maximize credibility and memorability. By drawing attention to your target market, a branding agency leaves them with a lasting impression.

About The Agency

We Create Great Ideas for your products and services

Our integrated digital marketing agency provides our clients with revenue-driving solutions across user acquisition, e-commerce, and lead generation campaigns.

By combining innovative ideas with top-notch services, we are a conversion and performance-driven digital marketing agency that helps brands succeed.


What Clients Say About Our Services

In the past two years, DM Galaxy has consistently delivered excellent results to us - they're among the hardest workers, most creative, and most innovative people we know.
Dr. Aniket Jogdand
CEO - ClippySmile
They have been excellent to work with, very prompt in responding to queries, and respect people's time. As a result, they provide you with insights and suggestions you would not usually think of.
Gautam Kumar
CEO - AmazingUSB
DM Galaxy is dedicated to exceeding the marketing team's and company's goals. They never stop at conversion goals -- they're always looking for ways to impact the bigger picture."
Ashish Khandelwal
CEO - EasyfileITR
Introducing Our Work

We focus on building scalable, efficient campaigns that drive results.

As part of an organization’s marketing team, we’re not just a vendor or agency partner but an integral part of the whole. We only work with marketing experts and data geeks who see our client’s goals and budgets as their own, so that we can provide solutions to their needs.


01 -
Create Brand Consistency.

The consumer wants a consistent, personalized, and on-brand experience across all platforms you use for digital marketing.

Clarify Objectives + Strategy

Clear objectives and a strategy are essential for a successful digital marketing campaign.

03 -
Build Your Digital Marketplace

An effective digital media marketing strategy should allow customers to lead the way, providing a consistent, personalized, and on-brand experience across all platforms.

Digital Marketing Campaign

When you start your campaign with advertisements, email automation, and sales funnels, you will be able to see analytics and see how your business grows.

Your vision. Our strategy. Let’s grow together.

Our strategic planning puts your goals front and center, and we build campaigns that make it easy to track key performance metrics, so you can see clear, measurable results. The right creative strategies will make your brand stand out on the surface, but it will drive real results underneath.

Our Professionals

Our Core Value


When you enter a new market, target a new customer, launch a new product or service, or when you're in an acquisition environment.


In order to generate business value through marketing, our consultants and digital and creative strategists work to understand your business and industry in depth.


As you walk the walk, you will see signs of success such as leads, sales, brand recognition, brand enthusiasts, and brand loyalty.

Digital innovation that Transforms your business.

To provide our clients with the results they desire, we take the time to learn about their objectives.