Best Email Marketing Software, Services, and Platforms

When it comes to marketing email marketing is considered the most reliable and efficient marketing strategy. Email marketing
generates the highest amount of ROI in comparison to any other marketing strategy. While it is one of the most effective marketing
strategies it can fail if it is not backed with the right marketing services and displayed on the right platforms. Whether you are starting
your first email marketing campaign or have tried different marketing strategies there are few services which you should look into for
successful marketing services:
● Marketing automation
● Tracking tool
● Email Personalization
● Email optimization through split testing.
The best email marketing strategies help you to manage subscribers, content, and campaigns. Building an email marketing list from
scratch is time-consuming but is reward generating for a long-term goal. With consistent email marketing, you are reinforcing your
marketing strategies and ultimately improving your brand visibility. Email marketing provides a great opportunity to develop trust with
your customers. There are few email marketing services which you should look for to have an effective email marketing strategy:
● Constant Contact
When and where is it used: By most beginner(a friendly email list builder)
● Sendinblue
When is it used: To grow your email list
● MailerLite:
When is it used: When you want simple email marketing services.
● HubSpot:
Where is it used: When you want to carry out automated emails.
● Moosend:
Where is it used: If your business has AI-powered e-commerce sales.
● GetResponse:
Where is it used: For automated lead generation
● AWeber:
Where is it used: To value a small email list
● Omnisend:
Where is it used: For e-commerce business
● ConvertKit:

Where is it used: By influencers, bloggers, and creators
● Drip:
Where is it used: When you have a new e-commerce business.
There are hundreds of other email marketing services available but understanding where and when it can be used is important to
increase the efficiency of that email service and each has its advantages and drawbacks.
● Constant Contact:
Constant Contact is mostly used by those who are new to email marketing and run a mid-sized business.
They have an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder. They allow you to create attractive emails without any coding knowledge. Adding
text, images, coupons, and polls.
They provide you with easy access to open rates, click-through rates for an individual subscriber. They are a great hit for SMB
❖ They provide intuitive and elegant UI
❖ Offers social media campaign integration
❖ Selection of event integration
❖ Less Flexible Templates
❖ Hiring Pricing as you list increases.
❖ Constant Contact offers you with 60- day free subscription.
Their email plan offers features that most small businesses need to start email marketing for them. Including list management,
template building, and customization.
● Sendinblue:
Sendinblue offers a fully automated email marketing solution. It is great for start-ups and someone who wants to grow their list. They
offer a great combination of drag-and-drop editors to optimize your email marketing campaigns.
They offer a few email tools as well:
❖ Landing page
❖ Sign up form
❖ Facebook ads

❖ Retargeted ads.
Sendinblue is evolving from an email marketing service to a more comprehensive solution hub.
❖ Wide range of automation
❖ Auto-responders and transactional features.
❖ CRM functionality.
❖ The initial setup stage can be tedious
❖ Basic email templates.
● Hubspot:
Hubspot is the king of automated marketing. They allow you to create, personalize, and optimize your emails.
❖ CRM integration.
❖ Vast selection of social media management
❖ Marketing Automation.
❖ Expensive
❖ Steep Learning curve
❖ Limitation in SEO.
● GetResponse
GetResponse is a basic email marketing service. It is versatile, easy to use, and can cover most small businesses marketing needs
at an affordable price
❖ Easy to use
❖ Auto-responder option
❖ email marketing features.
❖ Analytics is not up to the mark
❖ Mobile optimization issue.

● ConvertKit:
This email service is used by Influencers, bloggers, and creators. It is the right choice for creators. It helps you to create leads out for
casual visitors for your social media accounts, blogs, youtube, and more. It helps you to create automated email funnels at an
affordable price.
How to Find Best Email Marketing Services?
Find a reliable email marketing service can be a task. After all, every business has a different need. But there are specific factors we
can take into consideration. This can be broken down into few factors:
● Email Templates
Email templates provide you with plenty of email options according to your use and take away the stress of email formatting and
typesetting by giving you a list of options to choose from according to your need.
Many of the email services provide drag-and-drop email templates.
For example, Hubspot has a library of email templates according to your business type. They even provide you with tools to create
your email template.
● List Segmentation
Finding your target audience is one of the most crucial parts of any marketing strategy and as your business grows you want to
segment your audience according to their age, sex, or previous purchases. A good email marketing service gives you easy but
powerful ways and lists to segment your audience.
Omnisend email service allows you to send segmented campaigns based on your subscriber’s interests, open rate, and purchase
● In-Depth Analytics.
Business is all about money and marketing strategies are a source to generate revenue, if you are investing in any marketing
strategy you need to measure the success of that marketing strategy. In marketing, this is called ROI or KPIs.
Knowing about this helps you create better marketing strategies and create better products/services.
● Easy Automation
When an email marketing service is automated, it takes away the burden of segregating your list and that each of your customers is
in the right sales funnel. Once you have set up email automation your customers receive emails automatically.
That is why when you are looking for an email service provider you should make sure they provide you with an email automation
service to take away the complex tagging schemes.
GetResponse email service provides you with Autofunnel platforms that provide you with fully automated sales, leads, and
webinar/live funnels within few clicks.

What is Email Marketing Software?
Email marketing software helps you to manage your email list, design and send emails and track whether these emails were opened
or not. The best part about this software is that it is not much expensive neither are they difficult to manage.
Each business requires a different approach some may require automation, others may require list segmentation. If you are a small
business you can easily manage your list but as your brand and email list grow it can be difficult to handle. Using these email
marketing tools can help you with it.
Using an email marketing strategy requires an integration of many services and software. For example, email marketing for Zomato
will require offers, deals delivered to their subscribers. Others companies may want newsletter deliverability.
Each approach requires different tools when it comes to creating the source email, dissemination to specific recipients, and
integration with other systems.

Whether you are looking for a simple email marketing solution or an automation marketing strategy, there is a wide range of solutions
email marketing can help you with. Email marketing is the foundation and starting point for other marketing strategies.