Can an email marketing Consultant help you to grow your business?

Since the time the concept of digital marketing was introduced email marketing has become familiar to people. Earlier marketing was done through print media-newspaper, magazines with the rise of digital platforms this concept was carried forward on digital platforms through email marketing. How reliable is this marketing strategy? This can be answered through facts. This marketing strategy is used by leading companies like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart this data speaks for itself, or do you know of any person who doesn’t have his email or business email. 

Nearly 3.93 billion users have email addresses and nearly 290 billion emails are sent out in a day. 

Over and above these things email marketing yields significant returns. And these returns continue to grow with time. For example, the ROI for email marketing in 2015 was $38 for every $1 which has increased to $40 in 2017.

But what is the reason behind these constant increases in number?


Although we receive lots of emails on daily basis and most of them land up in our spam. But here is where we fail to understand is what customers want is simple, they do not want SPAM. As a result, for successful email marketing, you need to develop an effective email marketing campaign. 

Let us first understand few data related to email marketing

  • Nearly 99% of people check their email daily.
  • 87% of marketers use email marketing to generate leads
  • 80% believe it is a great tool for increasing customer retention.    

Besides this being an effective marketing strategy why is it not incorporated in your marketing strategies?

And Why do most of the campaigns fail?

The answer lies in your Spam box. just sending out emails does not make your campaign work. This where you need expert advice to make your email marketing campaign successful. Using this expertise you can touch a large amount of audience.

Services an email marketing consultant

Email marketing provides a platform to engage with your customer. Hence you must pay key importance to this marketing. An email marketing consultant offers you the following services:

  • Unique & Personal Content/Email personalization

Email personalization is nothing but adding a personal touch to your email. This is done by using the customer’s data. With the help of an email marketing agency, you can send out a personalized email that will increase your ROI by 44.

Personalization is one of the reasons why you should grow your email list. This further helps you to segment your email list.

  • Responsive Design/ Mobile optimization

Effective email marketing is designed for all devices -mobile phones, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Around 66% of emails are open on mobile phones on daily basis. Hence one simply can not afford to ignore this aspect of email marketing

Things an email marketing consultant helps you with:

  • Formatting of email
  • Fonts
  • Testing it on multiple devices.

 In all your email consultant offers you a responsive design template.

Including the right Call To Action Button(CTA)

Marketing emails must contain a meaningful CTA. Different CTA is used according to your email content. For example, a promotional email regarding season sales must include Sales and links to that product. Conversely, an email for the limited stock from your recently viewed product must include a link to that product.

How to get started with an email marketing consultant?

Every email marketing campaign requires a thorough strategy that attracts your target audience and also reaching its target audience.

It starts with your Target audience, then building your customer list which then leads to customer segmentation. 

Things to ask your email marketing consultant

  • Is the email marketing consultant capable of providing underlying strategies unique to your business?
  • Can they plan and manage multiple email marketing campaigns?
  • What factors are they considering when they are designing email marketing strategies?
  • Do they have the necessary knowledge and skill to carry out a campaign?
  • Are they using email marketing analytics to keep a record of their marketing strategy?
  • Over and above Email marketing which other marketing strategies are they using to combine the two and make an effective marketing strategy?
  • How familiar are they with email marketing tools?

Email marketing is a platform where you can directly communicate with your customer. Hence you should give close attention to it.

Here are some of the task you should carry out 

  • Holding Sessions

You should hold frequent sessions with your email consultant to get updates on your email marketing strategy on quaterly basis or monthly basis depending upon how much importance you want to give it in your marketing strategy. This way you can get an opportunity to discuss your expectation with your email consultant. At the same time, you two can get an idea of whether you two are on the same page or not and discuss your goal and objectives out of this email marketing strategy.

  • Reviewing the Campaign

Before going ahead with any email marketing strategy you should get a detailed framework of the strategy from your email marketing consultant of the whole plan. 

This detailed Framework should include a breakup of the type of emails and how many emails you wish to send, tools you want to use, email template you want to use, on what basis will you segment your email list, personalization, and automation of your list.

Effectiveness of your email marketing campaign

If you are investing in a marketing campaign, you expect results out of it. These results can be measure in two ways: product sales and lead conversion

This is measured in:

The number of emails delivered

  • Number of open emails
  • Click-through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Number of emails that land in spam
  • Unsubscribe rate.

Different email marketing consultants have different strategies, every consultant has a relevant thought and distinct style. Choosing the right one which will complement your business is the key. 

If you thought email marketing was dead now you may realize it’ not the marketing strategy but your faulty execution that fails to deliver your results.